1883-present  Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudí

1895- 1903       Westminster Cathedral by John Francis Bentley

1894- 1904      St. Jean de Montmartre by Anatole de Baudot

1903- 1907      St. Leopold am Steinhof by Otto Wagner

1911- 1912        Quarr Abbey by Dom Paul Bellot

1910- 1913        Church of the Holy Spirit by Jože Plečnik

1898- 1915        Santa Colloma de Cervelló by Antoni Gaudí

1922- 1923       Notre Dame du Raincy by Auguste Perret

1921- 1927       St. John the Baptist by Dominikus Böhm

1927- 1930       Church of St. Wenceslas by Joseph Gočár

1928- 1930       St. Fronleichnam by Rudolf Schwarz

1929- 1932       Church of the Most Sacred Heart by Jože Plečnik

1930- 1931         St. Joseph by Dominikus Böhm

1930- 1932        St. Engelbert by Dominikus Böhm

1933- 1934        St. Adalbert by Clemens Holzmeister

1934- 1936       Sacred Heart Church by C. M. Hadfield

1936- 1938       Holy Cross Church by Dominikus Böhm


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